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Maryland Home Birth Midwives

With all of the recent hospital restrictions due to COVID-19, more and more families are considering an at home birth and/or a water birth.   

Out-of-hospital births are not exactly the norm (in recent history, anyway) so people don’t really think it’s an option for them.  However, if you’re in Maryland, and if your pregnancy is low-risk, a home birth is absolutely attainable.

Where do I even begin?!”

I’ve seen that question a lot and the best answer really is to ask a midwife!  They can answer any questions you may have pertaining to insurance coverage, your prenatal care, & of course anything related to your desired birth experience. 

To make things a little easier, I’ve compiled a list of all the midwives that serve Southern Maryland, including Annapolis & Baltimore.   

The following is just a guide to help you get started.  It is not a complete list nor is it an endorsement of any particular resource.  If you know of anyone who wants to be added to this list, please have them reach out. 

College Park Homebirth
Jennifer Argueta, CNM
website | facebook

Charm City Midwives
Bayla Berkowitz, CNM
website | instagram | facebook

Aglow Midwifery
website | instagram | facebook

Birthwise Midwifery
Deanna Kopf, CNM

Sacred Journey Birthing Services
Dianne Sellers LD, CBE, CPM, LDEM

Chesapeake Midwifery
Susan Dodge, CNM
Katie Shannon, CNM

website | instagram | facebook

M.A.M.A.S Midwives
Emily Johnson CNM, MSN, IBCLC
Mairi Breen Rothman, CNM, DrMid

Pathways Midwifery
Katrina Nakao, CPM
website | twitter | facebook

Rock Creek Midwifery
Rachel Cipryk, CPM
Brittany Coffman, CPM, PA
website | instagram | facebook

Childbirth Naturally
Nicole Jolley, CPM

Birth Care & Women’s Health
Marsha Jackson, CNM, MSN, FACNM

Maryland Birthing Centers

Want a more holistic birth experience but not 100% sold on the idea of having a home birth?  There is another option in a birthing center.

Birthing centers have  a less clinical, & more home-like setting.  You will be allowed to move & eat/drink freely, wear your own clothes, use deep birthing pools and other forms of hydrotherapy. Not to mention, you generally get to receive an earlier discharge than you would if you were to give birth at a hospital.

Currently, there is only one birthing center in the state of Maryland.

Bay Area Midwifery (Luminis Health Midwifery)
Annapolis, Maryland
-Right next to the hospital-

Inquire about your session

*Melissa Suarez Photography is not a medical professional.  Please be sure to consult your health care practitioners about any medical issues & conditions. 

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